The Rose Cookbook
#cookbook The Rose Cookbook

   Fall in love in the kitchen while learning to create sweet and savory dishes with the world's most beloved flower-the rose.  The Rose Cookbook will transport readers to a place where rose petals meet their botanical relatives in a lively collection of recipes that are sure to be the hit of any celebration.  Rose petals breathe new fun and sophistication into tea parties, add romance to dinners, and lend a touch of bed and breakfast charm to Sunday morning brunches!

   With 300+ rose recipes from all over the world, The Rose Cookbook is steeped in history and anecdotes, offering cooks of all levels an opportunity to use roses in the kitchen in a fun, exciting, and new way.  Always elegant, The Rose Cookbook will inspire and entertain readers-cooks and gardeners alike. 

   With an expanded section devoted to tea time and entertaining, women and men of all ages will enjoy creating recipes that will surprise and impress party guests, making even the smallest gathering, a memorable occasion!  The recipes in The Rose Cookbook can be enjoyed at anytime, and will be equally pleasurable at special occasions, full-blown parties, meals with family, or with a simple cup of tea, enjoyed in peace and solitude.

   Readers will learn that botanically, the rose has some health-giving family members including apples, peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and almonds.  The author has taken a natural and intuitive approach to combining rose petals and rose flavorings with these fruits in many of the dessert and main course recipes.  The end results will show that these related ingredients compliment each other, bringing food and flowers to the table in a creative and beautiful way.

   The Rose Cookbook will delight everyone with its wide variety of tantalizing main dishes, sumptuous desserts, elegant tea sandwiches, jams, sauces, beverages and beauty recipes, along with some interesting rose history, anecdotes and quotations.  Cooking with roses is fun, and garnishing a dish with rose petals brings joy to the cook, captivates guests, and fascinates children!


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