SENCE Nectar, one case of twelve bottles (12)
#sence SENCE Nectar, one case of twelve bottles (12)

Taste the Bouquet......SENCE® - Rare European Rose Nectar

Drinking a rose makes perfect SENCE®

Made with the aromatic and flavorful extract of the Kazanlak Rose - the Crown Jewel of Bulgaria, SENCE® is rising in stature and popularity throughout the world.

This elegant nectar, enjoyed regularly as tea by Leonardo DaVinci, SENCE® is now found at five-star hotels, restaurants, spas and exclusive retailers from San Francisco to Paris, Tokyo to Sydney, Montreal to Mexico City, and beyond.

High in Vitamin C, SENCE® can be served chilled as a refreshing alternative to juice or soft drinks, or it can be mixed with them.  SENCE® also serves as a unique and flavorful cocktail ingredient combining beautifully with champagne, vodka, rum, gin, sake, and many cordials.

SENCE® Nectar History

Roses have been cultivated in the Kazanlak Valley of central Bulgaria since 1256.  The Kazanlak Rose, from which SENCE® is made, is a 'very old' rose with a remarkable intense aroma and soft pink color.

Roses have been a significant part of human culture longer and more fully than any other flower.  From the earliest recorded history, roses are mentioned as the primary symbol for beauty, accomplishment, love, victory and secrecy.

The Kazanlak Rose (Rosa Gallica Damascena) from which SENCE® is made, is known throughout the world as the finest of roses, grown organically with meticulous care and attention to detail.  This rose, originally from Syria, was prized in the ancient world and supplied to the Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman (Turkish) Empires for medicinal, romantic, honorific and decorative uses.

The unique Kazanlak Rose only blossoms for a three-week period from late May to mid-June.  During this time, the blossoms are harvested between 02:00 and 10:00 when dew levels are at their highest-obtaining maximum flavor and fragrance.

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