The Rose Divas are incredible women who also have the distinction of having a rose named after them.  This is considered to be a great honor, and there is a story for each one of the roses.  In the months to come, I will be discussing each one of them in my blog.  But for now, I just wanted to acknowledge them for their beauty, fabulous talent, and courage.  They are authentic women.

   When you look at their photos, you will be reminded that these women are truly extraordinary. They're glamorous, intelligent, and successful.  Those who are no longer with us will never be forgotten.  Those who are still with us, continue to enrich our lives through their unique and tremendous talent, and their contributions to society.  Each one of the Rose Divas has left her indelible mark, brought us joy, and made the world a better place.  They've inspired us by rising to the top of their chosen path.  They've blossomed in front of us. They've struggled.  They've suffered.  But through it all, they remind us of what is possible when one holds on to their dreams.

   On the next page, there is a complete list of women who have had the honor of a rose in their name bestowed upon them.  I've included many items representing the works of the pictured Rose Divas in the Rose Diva Amazon Store.  I hope you will visit these pages often and continue to be inspired by the Rose Divas, as I am.

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